Universal disposable bags for travel potties (15 PCS)

Universal disposable bags for travel potties (15 PCS)

General Features:
Material:polyethylene, multilayer absorbent pad with SAP
Country of manufacture:Russia

When going on a trip with your baby you should always remember to take a travel potty with you. This is not a problem anymore thanks to PocketPotty and HandyPotty - these lightweight and compact models with the well thought-out design are perfect for using on the go and will not cause you any trouble.

However there are times when it’s not possible to clean the potty - this is where universal disposable bags come in handy. The bags are made of waterproof material so there’s no way of leaking or spilling anything. Besides, there’s a special absorbent layer which can turn up to 150ml of liquid into gel. The bag are easy to store - you can just fold them and put in a bag pocket. You can use them when on the go, traveling, or staying at a hotel during holidays or a stopover.

The absorbent pad has a convenient shape which allows you to tie the bag tightly and get rid of it when you have a chance. The disposable bags for travel potties are disposed of the same way as diapers.

There are 3 disposable bags supplied with HandyPotty and PocketPotty travel potties so you can see for yourself how convenient and practical they are. If needed, you can purchase any number of bags afterwards. The product is made of high quality and safe materials so we can guarantee that there are no risks for your baby’s health.

Pay attention: the bags are biodegradable and do not harm the environment.

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