Inflatable potty PocketPotty

Inflatable potty PocketPotty

General Features:
Target age:from 15 month
Child weight:up to 25 kg
Weight:170 g
Height when unfolded:145 mm
Height when folded:15 mm
Country of manufacture:PRC

PocketPotty is a potty most suitable for traveling and long walks with a toddler. This inflatable model is compact and takes up minimal space when folded. Besides, it is extremely lightweight. This potty is indispensable when a kid needs to use toilet in any public place or such tight places as a bus, a plane, a car or a train.

Advantages of the PocketPotty travel potty:

  • Compact and easy to transport – if you let the air out, you can store the potty even in a small bag pocket.
  • Lightweight – you don’t feel like there’s something else in your bag besides the things you usually carry.
  • The potty seat is located on the suitable level – it helps your toddler occupy a stable position and prevents spills and mess.
  • Functionality – the given model has a special built-in splash guard which helps to avoid spraying and spilling.
  • Reliability of construction – the potty is made of durable hypo-allergic materials.

PocketPotty can be used along with special disposable bags with absorbents which absorb moisture and turn it into gel. Bags are utilized right after using. The potty comes with three bags, but you can purchase additional bags as well.

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