ROXY-KIDS nasal aspirator
The ROXY-KIDS nasal aspirator is an innovative product with the patented design developed by our engineers. This device will help clear your little one’s blocked nose gently and efficiently. Even though the list is not exhaustive, here are some of its features:  - Patented t..
ROXY-KIDS nursing cover
A nursing cover designed for stress-free breastfeeding is a great deal for active moms since there are times when your baby is asking for milk and you have to drop everything to feed them.   This lightweight nursing cover does not take up a lot of space in your bag or in a pram, howe..
Universal reusable liner for travel potties
This universal reusable liner makes it possible to use travel potties at home (at a hotel) as well as on the move. Extra soft material allows you to carry it anywhere and use it as an alternative to changeable bags.   It is easy to place the liner – just put it onto the seat of any t..
«Wooffy» mitten with removable teether
This unique «Wooffy» mitten with the removable teether, created by  ROXY-KIDS TM, appeared from a simple idea – once your little ones start teething, they tempt to put their fingers in the mouth. This «Wooffy» teether helps cope with discomfort – your baby automatically raises their han..