New heroes of Flipper swimming neckrings!

The ROXY Company presents the renewed Flipper swimming neckrings! Attractive 3D design will probably become a hit and will certainly appeal to creative parents who don't like to be bored, as well as to older children who are already able to choose toys on their own.

Flipper swimming neckrings – creative and stylish!

The new Flipper swimming neckrings are available in two variations – for boys and girls. Boyish neckring is decorated with the picture of a brave knight in full armor holding his sword, and for baby-girls’ neckring a cute picture of a ballerina in full pink skirt is created. At a certain viewing angle, the image on the circle obtains 3D view and gives the impression that the child is wearing a bright costume. Such neckrings can be used not for swimming only but also for taking creative photos that will revive your spirits even years later.

The Flipper neckring for bathing newborns has won the parents’ love for long ago as these simple accessories can turn an ordinary bathing into an exciting game, both for baby and mom. In addition, these neckrings allow the baby to easily get the hang of water and help to instill inspiration for swimming from the first days of your baby’s life. Swimming is a very good tool for your baby’s physical growth and development as it helps strengthen their immunity and activate harmonious growth of the whole organism.

The Flipper swimming neckrings: safety first

Realizing that quality issues are very important in the manufacture of products for children, the neckring designers have made every effort to create them as safe as possible, as well as comfortable and unique. Carefully thinking over every detail, the ROXY experts have patented the neckring design tailored to the needs of your baby swimmer.

First of all we are talking about double camera: the small inner one is designed to keep the baby’s chin and protect him or her from slipping out of the ring, and the large external one having stricter form keeps the child afloat. Furthermore, the two cameras mutually insure each other so that if one part of the neckring is damaged, the other one could perform both functions. Using Velcro fasteners on the bottom or plastic carabiner on the top, you can easily adjust the diameter of the neckring at the size you need.

To let the baby feel comfortable, the soft seams are soldered very neatly and firmly so that they will not hurt the baby’s delicate skin. Moreover, there's no detail within the circle that could harm your baby. The small handles are designed for extra support when the baby will be tired of swimming. With the Flipper neckring, you can bath your baby in a bathtub, in a pool or in open water much safer and more interesting.

The Flipper neck ring for babies’ bathing is a perfect gift for young parents. The original and attractive packaging will help to present the gift beautifully and will also tell them in details how to use it.