Renewed design of ROXY-KIDS teethers!

Renewed design of ROXY-KIDS teethers!

Customers have known our BUNNY and FOX TEETHERS. Now the bunny and the fox have a new friend, the MEOW TEETHER, which is shaped like a cute cat.
MEOW TEETHER by ROXY-KIDS is a colorful and functional teething accessory for all stages of teething. It consists of different degrees of stiffness, so it can be used for the entire teething period. 
At the initial stage, when your baby's gums are irritated, they can scratch on the soft, embossed head of the kitty. At the final stage, your baby will be able to chew on the harder body and rigid elements in the form of fish.
The teether is made of safe, hypoallergenic thermoplastic and polypropylene materials, so a baby can chew it without any time limit.
Another distinctive feature of the MEOW TEETHER is the body made in the shape of a ring that baby can comfortably hold.
The ROXY-KIDS range of MEOW TEETHER teethers comes in four colors. Another new product, the MEOW TEETHER with holder, will be available very soon! 


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