Foldable travel potty HandyPotty RU

Foldable travel potty HandyPotty RU

General Features:
Target age:from 12 month
Main color:green
Child weight:up to 25 kg
Weight:523 g
Height when unfolded:145 mm
Height when folded:75 mm
Package dimensions (HxWxL):25 x 24 x 7 cm
Country of manufacture:Russia

Sturdier construction has extended the potty’s useful life and has made the setting fast and easy!

New symmetrical potty ring helps your little one feel comfortable even when you’re lack of time!

Taking your kids for a walk or out of town can become a lot more convenient with the use of HandyPotty – a transportable traveling potty. This simple device is a combination of the functions of three accessories – a standard potty, a travel potty and an adapter seat which can be put atop outdoor toilets. All of the above makes HandyPotty a perfect device for long-term use.

The multifunctionality of this folding potty is provided by its well thought-out design – a wide plastic seat is placed on four wide stable legs. In order to choose a single option, you only need to change positions of the legs and make use of additional accessories, such as a reusable silicone liner.

So, this HandyPotty portable potty can be used as three different full-fledged products of children’s hygiene:

1. A standard potty – this is a standard position in which the legs provide maximum comfort for your little one by creating support and lifting the potty to the necessary level. A reusable liner which is used in this mode is easy to take off and clean.

2. A travel potty. We have lifted the new HandyPotty seat making it the highest travel potty among its analogues. It is used with special disposable changeable bags which replace the reusable liner and are utilized right after using. The bags are stored under the seat so your child doesn’t feel any uncomfortable.

3. An adapter seat– you can use HandyPotty as a children’s toilet seat just by fully folding the legs to the sides. It allows a child to feel secure on a big toilet, and the ring itself prevents from contact with toilet lid bacteria.

This HandyPotty travel potty has several major advantages:

  • Light but robust design. The potty is made thoroughly and carefully so as to prevent it from breaking even after repeated use. Improved legs construction allows HandyPotty to withstand above 25 kg, so there’s no need to worry about the legs collapsing under your child’s weight.
  • New symmetrical seat has two splash guards preventing spraying accidents.
  • It’s possible to use while on the move. Whether you are traveling by car, train, or plane – it is easy to use anywhere. Plus, you won’t have to stand in huge lines while in public places. Don’t forget to take the potty with you when going out of town.
  • Folding for easy packing. The potty is folded in a blink of an eye and doesn’t need much space. The set comes with a special carrying bag which is hygienic – you don’t have to look for something to cover the potty with anymore. HandyPotty can be easily fitted in mom’s backpack when folded.
  • Convenient size and low weight. You can go for a walk or on a trip lightly equipped – the potty is made of almost weightless plastic which is of no extra kilograms.

The HandyPotty portable potty will become an indispensable help at home and on the go – try it and see for yourself!

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