FLOWER toothbrush&massager set

FLOWER toothbrush&massager set

General Features:
Target age:from 4 months
Main color:green, red, white
Material:polypropylene, thermoelastoplast
Weight:50 g
Package dimensions:196x108x50 mm
Country of manufacture:Russia

The ROXY-KIDS toothbrush-massager set is intended to provide comfortable and safe oral cavity care from the child’s first months of life. Suitable for massaging sore gums and cleaning first baby teeth.


  • Stopper prevents the baby from swallowing, can be removed if needed
  • Textured surface provides gentle massage of the gums
  • Elements of varying hardness level , soft massager and more rigid stopper. Your baby can choose which part to nibble on
  • Easy to store on different surfaces with the help of suction cups
  • Massagers are lightweight and feel comfortable in small babies' hands. Your little one can hold the teether on their own. It also helps develop fine motor skills faster
  • Handle is convenient even for parents in case they want to help their baby brush their first teeth
  • Teethers do not require extra care and do not pile up the dust – you can just wash them with warm water
  • Materials are absolutely safe and do not contain bisphenol A


Use only under adult supervision. Requires regular cleaning and checking for integrity. Do not use if the teether is damaged or deformed. Wash with soapy water, put into scalding hot water and let dry before each use. Sterilization by boiling is not allowed.

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