ROXY-KIDS outlet plugs kit

ROXY-KIDS outlet plugs kit

General Features:
Main color:green
Material:ABS plastic
Country of manufacture:Russia

Babies start exploring the surrounding world from their own home. This is when parents realize that their cozy comfy place is full of dangers for the baby. No need to say that power outlets represent one of the main dangers.

Use the ROXY-KIDS outlet plugs to prevent your little one from putting their fingers into a socket. You can use the plugs to protect all the power outlets that are located within your baby’s reach.

The plugs are firmly attached to the outlets and can only be open with the help of a special key. You don’t need to worry about your child removing them just using their fingers. Our plugs are convenient and easy to use. They are suitable for all standard outlets. For removal refer to instructions below.

Keep in mind that safety is priority with a baby around. Don’t forget to purchase corner guards, furniture locks and door stoppers.

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