Safety corner guards (6 PCS)

Safety corner guards (6 PCS)

General Features:
Net weight:72 g

These ROXY-KIDS soft corner guards will protect your baby from bumping into sharp furniture corners, whether it’s a table, a nightstand, a cabinet, or a bed. The guards are made of durable but soft PVC; their rounded shape and smooth surface minimize the risk of being seriously injured if the baby bumps into a sharp corner.

Corner guards are easily attached to any surface with the help of double-sided tape (supplied) - just apply it onto two sides of the guard and attach the device to the appropriate furniture corner. The guards can be easily removed if needed. Since the corner guards are made of transparent material and look neutral, they will be invisible on any furniture and go with any décor.

After using the ROXY-KIDS guards for securing all tables, drawers, nightstands and other pieces of furniture with sharp corners parents can finally breathe a sigh of relief - one more thing that presents a danger for an active and curious baby has been cut out of the game.

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