Pram raincover with reflective element

Pram raincover with reflective element

General Features:
Dimensions (LxWxH):37 х 60 х 90 cm
Country of manufacture:Russia

The weather can be temperamental. The sun was shining a minute ago and now there’s rain, or even hail. Nasty weather is not a problem for you and your baby if you bring this ROXY-KIDS raincoat for prams. A raincoat is a special cover for prams. It is not afraid of pouring rain or snow showers! The raincoat is completely transparent, the baby can see what’s happening outside and the mommy can see what the baby’s up to. A special flap with a hook-and-loop fastener will cover the window and protect your little one from rain, snow or strong wind. Features:

  • The raincover is designed to fit most of the modern prams.
  • Elastic bands at the bottom provide perfect fit for all types of prams.
  • The seams are tight - no chance of water or draught getting inside.
  • The raincoat features a window with a hook-and-loop fastener for observation and air ventilation.
  • The raincoat is made of extra durable flexible polymer which does not crackle in winter and stays put under the hailstorm.
  • The material is eco-friendly and completely safe for your baby.
  • The device comes in a bag where you can store it and take with you for a stroll.

Not only does a raincoat with reflective element protect your baby from snow, rain or wind, but it also guarantees safety on the road. Now your pram is visible to any car.

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