Flipper 0+ Teddy Circus

Flipper 0+ Teddy Circus

General Features:
Product type:Neck swim ring
Target age:from 0 months to 2 years old
Material:PVC EN71
Child weight:till 18 kilo
Diameter:360-390 mm
Inner diameter:88±2 mm
Country of manufacture:PRC

Can you believe that a combination of swim rings and teddy bears actually exists? Yes, it does! The ROXY-KIDS Tiny Tatty Teddy swim ring collection combines safety and comfort with colorful design.

Why do we need such a device? There are many reasons for that. We all know that newborns has an innate swimming reflex and a swim ring that keeps the baby floating can help develop it. Swimming works all muscle groups, let alone that it helps your baby fall asleep pretty fast. Moreover, such a swim ring will help relieve back pain - there’s no need for moms to spend half an hour bending over the bathtub anymore.

The ring is made of safe hypoallergenic material. The soft inner rim of the Tiny Tatty Teddy does not irritate your baby’s skin. The ring features a special chin rest and fits snugly to the neck preventing water from getting into you baby’s nos and mouth. Two fasteners – a safety buckle and a velcro strap - ensure safety for your baby during bath time and prevent them from sliding out of the ring. There’s a colorful rattle inside that will catch your baby’s attention and keep them entertained.

Your favorite teddy bear rings are available in three colors: sky-blue aquamarine, rich orange and neutral white. Choose the one that suits you most and enjoy your baby’s bath time!

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