Flipper 0+ Spacemen

Flipper 0+ Spacemen

General Features:

This Flipper swim ring is a great gift for little boys and girls. This model is designed for little knights from 0 to 2 years old. This durable floatie is made of high-quality hypo-allergic PVC material. Using this device helps the baby familiarize with water, improves their muscle tone and makes everybody happy!

The Knight Flipper floatie is worth buying for several reasons. First of all, this model, unlike standard ones, has the patented technology “Ring in ring”. It means it has two separate air chambers with beads rattles inside. The front part of the floatie is equipped with the convenient chin rest which makes its usage more comfortable as well as it fixes the floatie around baby’s neck. There are practical semicircular handles on the upper part of the ring. Snatching at these handles your little one can develop their motor skills and pincer grasp. To avoid slipping during the bath, use 2 practical buckles. Finally, only Flipper swimming rings have the seamless inner rim which feels snug and comfortable around baby’s neck and doesn’t irritate their delicate skin.

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