Silicone nipple protectors, size S+M

Silicone nipple protectors, size S+M

General Features:

Protective silicone nipple pads will relieve women from painful feelings during breastfeeding and protect cracked or inflamed nipples from injury. The pads are made of thin and soft silicone that is odorless and does not affect the taste of breast milk. The special shape of the pads allows the baby to feel the smell and warmth of his mother's breast. Once the nipples have healed, your baby can easily switch to breastfeeding without the pads. Plastic container guarantees convenient and hygienic storage. The set includes 2 breast pads size M. How to choose the right size? Size S is for nipple diameters up to 12 mm and size M is for nipple diameters up to 19 mm.


  • Ultra-thin silicone
  • Maximum mother-baby contact
  • Natural flow of breast milk
  • Tight fit to the breast
  • Protect against pain and discomfort
  • Promote healing of nipples
  • Regulate breast milk flow

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