Injection applicator pain stopper

Injection applicator pain stopper

General Features:
Country of manufacture:Russia

The PAIN STOPPER injection applicator will help perform an unpleasant procedure in a playful way, reduce injection pain and make the whole process less terrifying.

The device is a plastic semi-circular disk that features several soft ribs on the side that comes in contact with skin. A hole for performing hypodermic and intramuscular injections is located in the central part of the device. When pressing on the skin the nontraumatic spikes will cause slight pain which distracts the baby from injection pain.
The product can be applied to different body parts by pressing it tightly to the skin surface. Suitable for injections performed in medical facilities as well as at home. The device presents no risk of injuring. It is designed in accordance with pediatric endocrinologists’ recommendations.

Instructions for use:
• Treat the injection site in the usual way prior to the procedure.
• Apply the device to the injection site and slightly press on it.
• Give an injection in the cut-out area of the applicator. It is not recommended to move the applicator before the procedure is complete.
• If more than 20 seconds have passed after applying the device to the injection site, it is recommended to remove it and restart the procedure.
• After performing the injection remove the needle and applicator from the skin.

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