Rectal catether for gas relief

Rectal catether for gas relief

General Features:
Product type:gas catether
Target age:since birth
Material:polypropylene + thermoplastic elastomer
Weight:18 g
Product weight:6,5 g
Length:10 cm
Package dimensions (HxWxL):108х190х20 mm
Country of manufacture:Russia

The rectal catheter is intended to help babies get rid of excess gas. The uniqueness of the product arises from the fact that it is reusable and features a nontraumatic tip that allows for a pain-free and comfortable insertion. Gas release occurs through a special hole on the side of the tube. The catheter can be used both in hospitals and at home.

• two holes for natural gas release
• no risk of injuries
• solid design with no separate parts
• designed in accordance with pediatricians’ recommendations

Instructions for use
− Wash your hands. Disinfect the tube by boiling it in distilled water prior to use.
− Position the baby on their back and gently massage their belly with your hand from the right side to the center of the stomach and then - in a downward motion towards the rectum. Repeat the action from the left side. Repeat 2-3 times on each side.
− Put on the gloves. Coat the tube with Vaseline or baby cream, lift the child’s legs towards the head and carefully insert the catheter approx. 3 cm into the rectum. Do not insert the catheter further than indicated by the stopper.
− Hold the tube inside for 5-7 minutes until the gas comes out (you’ll hear a whistling sound). Carefully remove the catheter after completing the procedure. Wipe the anus area with a tissue and, in case of irritation, rub some cream on the skin.
− After completing the treatment wash the tube thoroughly using soap solution. Boil it in distilled water for 30 minutes. The product should be sterilized before reusing.

Never leave the baby unattended while the tube is inserted. Do not repeat the treatment more than three times per day – excessive use of the device can lead to disruption of the baby’s natural bowel rhythm.

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