Aspirator accessory set: vacuum cleaner adapter and removable tube

Aspirator accessory set: vacuum cleaner adapter and removable tube

General Features:
Target age:since birth
Material:polystyrene (adapter), medical grade silicone (tube)
Length:62 cm
Country of manufacture:Russia

You can turn a mechanical ROXY-KIDS nasal aspirator with a soft nozzle into a vacuum one with the help of a vacuum cleaner adapter and a silicone tube with extended length. Replace the mouthpiece with an adapter and replace the short tube with a long one and connect the device to a standard vacuum cleaner. There’s no need to clean your baby’s nose using your own breath anymore.


  • Vacuum cleaner creates a smooth airflow that sucks the mucus out - the operating principle is similar to that of medical devices.
  • Mechanical aspirator can be easily transformed into a vacuum one.
  • Conical adapter fits vacuum cleaner hoses of different diameters.
  • Easy to disassemble and clean.
  • Unlike fully vacuum aspirators, removable adapters make the device versatile - you can use it with a vacuum cleaner at home or without it when on-the-go.

The ROXY-KIDS nasal aspirator (not supplied) is intended for clearing airways and removing nasal secretions and mucus in newborns, babies and toddlers up to 3 years old. The transparent material of the product and its anatomical nozzle allow for an easy and efficient procedure.


In order to facilitate the procedure, it is recommended to moisturize the nasal cavity of the baby with special saline solution. Use the tube to connect the adapter to the aspirator body. Insert the adapter into the vacuum cleaner hose. Turn on the vacuum cleaner and insert the nozzle into one of the baby’s nasal passages. Do not aspirate the nostril for more than 5 seconds. Control the level of mucus in the collection cup. If necessary, detach the nozzle from the body and clean the device from mucus secretion residue. Repeat the procedure for the other nostril passage.

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