Salfeti Antibacterial Wipes 20pcs

Salfeti Antibacterial Wipes 20pcs

General Features:
Product code:70900 Brand:ROXY-KIDS Material type:non-woven fabric, lotion Количество в упаковке:20pcs Producing country:Russia

TM Salfeti multipurpose wipes can be used for personal and baby care. They do not contain alcohol and efficiently remove dirt and impurities from skin. The wipes are dampened with a lotion containing water, antibacterial and moisturizing ingredients. Soft material gently cleanses your hands, face and body without leaving behind any fibers. The wipes do not leave a sticky feeling after use. They are suitable for everyone in the family and are a must-have in public places, outdoors and while traveling. Materials are clinically tested for safety.

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