ROXY-KIDS baby nest bed

ROXY-KIDS baby nest bed

General Features:
Target age:since birth
Material:100% cotton; polyester padding
Dimensions (LxW):45 x 75 cm
Country of manufacture:Russia

This comfortable baby nest bed by ROXY-KIDS can be used since the very first days since your baby’s birth. It can also be used for co-sleeping with parents. The nest bed is basically a soft mattress with bumpers which ensures your baby’s sleeping in a secure space. The device has a number of key features that make lounging in the nest as comfy as possible.

• Ergonomic shape and softness of the filler allow your baby to feel as if they were in the mother’s womb.

• Since your baby’s position is physiologically correct, the quality of sleep improves and the risk of colic is reduced.

• 100% cotton cover eliminates the possibility of allergies.

• Thanks to the soft bumpers you can leave your baby in the nest for a little while without worrying that they might roll over and fall down.

• The device’s dimensions are 45x75cm which makes it suitable for babies from 0 to 6 months.

• It’s easy to swaddle your baby or change their clothes.

• Can be used for sleeping both in a baby bassinet and in parents’ bed.

• When the baby grows up, undoing the ribbons will increase the size of the bed.

• Perfect for sleeping during travels.

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