EXTRA Hand Sanitizer Gel

EXTRA Hand Sanitizer Gel

General Features:
Product code:RHS-002 Brand:ROXY-KIDS Состав:isopropyl alcohol (70%), softened water, glycerin, carboxypolymethylene, vitamin E, Ecosept disinfecting component, natural aloe vera extract, fragrance Объем:300ml Producing country:Russia

This isopropyl alcohol-based hand sanitizer gel with skin-softening ingredients, namely aloe vera extract, prevents skin from irritation. It does not leave stains or a sticky feeling and protects your hands’ skin when in contact with different surfaces and objects (handrails in transport, money etc.). You can use it on-the-go, in public places, as well as in saunas, nail salons, gyms etc. Suitable for baby care.


  • High concentration of isopropyl alcohol kills 99.8% of germs, infectious agents and fungi.
  • Pleasant scents minimize the strong alcohol smell.
  • Can be used for personal care and for hand disinfection in healthcare settings.
  • Suitable for disinfecting both hands and different items (cellphones, credit cards etc.).
  • Optimum size - lasts long enough but doesn’t take much space in your bag.
  • Quick and efficient hand disinfection when soap and water are not available.
  • Effective within 30 seconds after application.

How to use: apply enough product on hands and rub thoroughly until dry.

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