Organizer-sorter with a shelf for toys and bathing accessories

Organizer-sorter with a shelf for toys and bathing accessories

General Features:
Target age:from 6 month
Contents:Base, organizer, 4 sorters, 3 suction cups
Weight:440 g
Package dimensions (HxWxL):33 x 21 x 8 cm
Country of manufacture:Russia

This organizer-sorter with a shelf for storing toys and bathing accessories by ROXY-KIDS is the upgraded version of the DINO organizer. The additional shelf alone has significantly increased the capacity of this bathroom device. Now there's no need to look for your baby's bathing accessories all around – the shelf can be used for storing things like shampoo or shower gel, the hooks located on each side of the device are designed for hanging washcloths, and the organizer itself can be used for collecting toys.


  • Securely fixes on almost any surface with the help of three suction cups. Attach the base to any convenient place and everything you need will be at hand.
  • Ergonomic handle and shape of the organizer allow to easily collect the toys from water and rinse them under the tap water, which needs to be done after every bath.
  • Drain holes provide quick dewatering and prevent mold formation.
  • The size of the shelf is enough for storing 2-3 bottles, a thermometer and hanging a couple of washcloths; the organizer itself easily fits all your baby’s favorite toys.
  • DINO can be used as a skill development game – it has 4 holes shaped as figures and comes with 4 sorters.
  • The organizer is quite lightweight and small so you can teach your baby to clean up on their own after baths.
  • This accessory stimulates sense of touch and motion coordination.
  • The bright color of the device will definitely attract your baby's attention.

This ROXY-KIDS organizer-sorter with a shelf saves bathroom space, helps to keep the place arranged and entertains your little one during bath time. Now all your baby’s bathing accessories are always in the right place!

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