Dino Bath Holder

Dino Bath Holder

General Features:
Weight:216 g
Dimensions (LxWxH):22*19*14 cm

This Dino Roxy toy holder is created special for storing toys and bathing accessories. You don’t have to look for them all over the bathroom anymore – this bath holder’s well-thought-out design makes it possible to collect the toys fast and easy and store them altogether in the same place.


  • Easily installed on any surface with the help of a suction cup. Hang it on the wall in a convenient place and it’s always at hand;
  • Its practical handle and convenient shape allow you to collect toys out of the bath water without effort.
  • It’s easy to rinse the toys under the tap and keep them clean.
  • Convenient drainage holes across the base help drain the holder and reduce the risk of mold.
  • The organizer can be used as an educational game – 4 holes are made in different shapes. The set comes with 4 shape sorters.
  • Your baby will definitely be attracted by the bright colors.
  • The device helps stimulate the sense of touch and the coordination of movements.

Our toy holder saves space in the bathroom, helps you stay organized and entertains your little one while bathing!

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