Anti-slip mini bath mats SAFARI

Colors Anti-slip mini bath mats SAFARI

Anti-slip mini bath mats SAFARI

General Features:
Target age:from 6 month
Country of manufacture:Russia

Anti-slip mini bath mats by ROXY-KIDS are the first multipurpose mini mats made of absolutely safe materials in Russia. The main feature of these sea animals-shaped little mats is that they can be used for multiple purposes:

- anti-slip surface for bathing: great replacement of a big rug which is difficult to rinse and dry

- massager: relief surface (dots, zigzags, bumps) provides gentle feet and palms massage

- teether: mini mats, as well as modern teethers, are made of thermoelastoplast, so you don't have to worry about your little one nibbling them

- learning game: not only do these mini mats develop fine motor skills and grasp reflexes, but they also help your little one learn sea creatures' names (the set includes the following shapes: fish, octopus, crab, and starfish) and main colors

- decoration: attach the mats to the bottom and sides of the tub, to the tiles or even to the floor to provide comfort and also to add a little accent of bright colors!

Besides, these mini mats are odorless since they do not contain PVC. They are easy to take care of: just wash them with soap from time to time, rinse and let dry. They are easily and securely attached to any smooth surface with the help of suction cups, and leave no traces behind.

With the help of this accessory you baby's bath time will become fun, safe, and productive!

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