Flipper Bath Scoop

Flipper Bath Scoop

General Features:
Material:Polypropylene, thermoplastic elastomer
Weight:127 g
Volume:650 ml
Dimensions (LxWxH):24 х 14 х 11 cm
Country of manufacture:Russia

This Flipper scoop is suitable for baths as well as for hairwash. Designed as a dolphin, it will turn your baby’s bath time into great fun! Its original design and bright colors will definitely catch your eye and attention. In the course of the manufacture, we have taken into account all parents’ wishes and suggestions and we have created a truly unique product.

Here are some of its features:

  • Soft edge made of hypoallergic TEP (thermoelasoplast). You can place the scoop against your baby’s forehead to ensure no water or soap scum get in their eyes.
  • Removable spout which turns the scoop into a watering pot. With the help of this extra feature, you will be able to entertain your child imitating water trickles. This will help your little one get accustomed to using a shower.
  • Easy-to-grip handle. We have come up with the unique curved form for the handle in order to make it easy and comfortable to hold.
  • Lightweight. The Flipper scoop is created in such a way as to be easily used by your baby when they’ve grown older.
  • Optimum size and volume. The scoop is perfectly suitable for babies up to 3-4 years old. A couple of scoops is enough to rinse soap scum from your child’s hair and body.
  • Soft materials. In the manufacture of our products, we always choose non-toxic materials over anything else. Even if your little one is teething and is kind of a messy eater, don’t worry. Our scoop is absolutely safe even when functioning as a “teether”.
  • Streamline form, no angles surface and smooth material altogether make this dolphin scoop a wonderful toy!

All in all, if your little one is not happy about taking baths and is always trying to escape from them, just show them this Flipper scoop designed as a dolphin. With its help, unpleasant and boring bath times will not bother you anymore and your baby will be looking forward to everyday baths!

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