Bath time becomes fun with ROXY-KIDS! New toy organizers and soft scoops

There are a couple of new additions to the bathing accessories collection by ROXY-KIDS. We’ve improved our organizers for storing toys and bath necessities by making their design more appealing. What is more, the organizer now functions as an educational game. Being a well-loved part of the selection, our dinosaur-shaped scoops have become soft and safe.

Our DINO organizers are of indispensable help for any mom. You don’t have to look for toys all around the bathroom anymore due to the organizer’s scoop-shaped construction which allows to collect toys quickly and easily and to store them in one place. After collecting the toys, the scoop is easily installed practically on any surface with the help of a suction cup. Special drainage holes across the base help to drain the scoop quickly and prevent mold formation. Some of the holes are designed as different figures, so it's possible to use the DINO cup not only as a useful device for storing bath accessories but also as an educational game (especially for this, the set comes with 4 shape sorters). Besides, playing with our organizer will stimulate your child's sense of touch and motion coordination. This accessory helps you to save space in your bathroom, keeps things in order and entertains a baby during bathing time!


The DINO SAFETY SCOOP shampoo rinse scoop is a great additional device for our organizer. Bathing with a little dinosaur will become a great fun! Due to its convenient construction and smooth texture, the scoop is not likely to slip out of baby’s wet hands. Using our lightweight and soft scoop will make bathing time safe and secure.

Try out our new ROXY-KIDS products and assure yourself that tub time can be colorful, interesting and long-awaited!